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how does it work?

  • If you have items that you are interested in consigning with us, simply email us a few photos and share any relevant details (brand names, item description, sizes and colours) to hello@loloandrex.com and we will reply within 24 hours.
  • Not every piece of clothing that gets submitted for consignment will be sold. We heavily curate the collection of clothing and we only accept what we know will sell. 
  • We accept sizing from newborn to 11-years (children size large)
  • Pricing will be set at our discretion, however, if there is a specific price you would like to receive, please communicate that in your email.
  • Once we engage with you on the items we are interested in selling you will be provided a Consignment Agreement to sign, outlining the terms of selling.
  • Your items will remain in our possession until they have sold. If the garment has not sold after the term, you can choose to:
    • extend your consignment term which will relist your garments,
    • donate your garments,
    • have your garments shipped back to you (at your expense) or,
    • pick them up from an agreed upon pre-arranged location. 

how much can i make?

  • You will make 40% on the sale of each item sold
  • You have the option of turning your earnings into store credit to give you 50% earnings that you can use towards a future purchase. This credit will never expire.
  • We will NOT notify you on the sales of your garments; it is your responsibility to contact us to get an update on your garments.
  • We reconcile sales at the end of each month. You will be paid for your sale the second Monday of the new month. 


  • Pricing will be set at our discretion, however, if there is a specific price you would like to receive, please communicate that in your initial email.
  • In July/August and in December/January will we run our season sales. All garments, shoes and accessories are subject to promotions, discounts and reduction in original prices.
  • We will periodically have promotions to further incentivize sales of garments, shoes and accessories, and we reserve the right to adjust the price with informing the Consignor. 

what we will accept

  • High-quality brands you would find in a boutique or high-end store and designer labels.
  • New or practically new baby and kids clothes in excellent condition
  • New or barely worn shoes and boots in pristine condition
  • In-style items or classic pieces that are still trendy 
  • Accepting all seasons of clothing

what we will not accept

  • Basic brands like, Old Navy or Joe Fresh.
  • Fast fashion brands like H&M.
  • Underwear or pajamas.
  • Sleepers, onesies - except if they are designer brands
  • We will not accept clothing that is faded, stained, patched, pilled or is missing buttons or has broken zippers.

are your clothes in good condition?

  • Our clothes are in amazing condition! We are very strict about the condition of the clothes and only accept those in excellent condition. 

how do you guarantee authenticity of designer garments and accessories?

  • When you are preparing for your intake appointment, please ensure you have tags or receipts to substantiate your claim of authenticity. 
  • If we are unsure if a garment, shoe or accessory is authentic, they will be authenticated through a trusted authenticating service to ensure we only sell 100% authentic goods. 
  • If you have provided a fake good, you will be charged $100 for the authentication service.
  • Should the consignor present a counterfeit garment, any further business with the Consignor will be terminated indefinitely. 

can you put an item on hold?

  • No, we do not hold items. We are on a first to pay policy. As soon as we receive payment the item will be yours.

what is your shipping policy?

  • Free local delivery, contact us to see if you qualify
  • If you are outside the local delivery area, all orders $99.99 and under will be subject to shipping charges, which are to be paid for by the customer
  • Orders over $100.00 will have complementary shipping
how do I make a purchase? 
  • All available garments, shoes and accessories are listed for sale on our Instagram page, @loloandrex, please direct message us to make purchase.
  • Payments can be sent via etransfer to hello@loloandrex.com
  • Once an item has been purchased <SOLD> will be applied to the post

return policy

  • All sales are final. We do not have a return policy. If you purchased something that did not work for you, we are happy to re-consign it for you.